Southbroom Beach offers excellent swimming and surfing conditions. Offers a good quality sand bottomed point that wraps around a grassy headland, lined with rocks and works on a 3 – 6ft south west swell. The natural elevation of the headland provides breathtaking views over the Indian Ocean.
The Imbezane Lagoon is great for canoeists and wind surfers and no powered crafts are permitted. The deck of the “Rip Tide” restaurant is a lovely setting with lagoon and sea views.
Umkobi Beach offers a more wild experience with thick coastal vegetation, ideal for beach walks and having the beach to your self.
Umkobi Lagoon abounds with bird life and the “Trattoria La Terrazza” offers excellent views over the lagoon.

Granny’s Pool (Tidal Pool)
Granny’s Pool is set in amongst the rocks and is well positioned for the surf to keep it clean and scoured from sand all year round.
Low Tide, is ideal for swimming and snorkeling with a variety of fish and marine life to be seen.
High Tide, feels like you are in the surf with fresh sea water washing into the pool, yet you have the security of the pool surrounds.

Coastline Walk
Not to many seaside villages can boast easy access along the full stretch of their coastline and fewer seaside villages can boast that their natural heritage has not given way to high rise apartment blocks.
To experience the coastline walk between the two main beaches:
Park at Umkobi Beach and head north, there are a few rocky outcrops after Umkobi Beach where you can take a dip in one of the many rock pools, thereafter you get a long stretch of beach, there you can enjoy the splendid flora of the Fredrika Nature Reserve, shortly after you reach “Granny’s Pool”. Just after the tidal pool you can either scramble over the boulders or walk up and around “The Admiralty” joining up with the pathway leading to Southbroom Beach.
The walk takes on an average about 45min and would suggest you wear a hat, sunscreen and take a towel and bottled water.
Always check the tide and surf conditions before heading off.

Golf Course
The Southbroom golf course is rated as one of the finest holiday golf courses in South Africa. The eighteen challenging holes wind their way through the peaceful village, alongside the Fredrika Nature Reserve, down to the seashore.

Tennis Club
The Southbroom Tennis Club is set in tranquil surrounds of Eyles Park off Captain Smith Drive. The club meets every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Courts can be hired at any other time.
Bushbuck Trail
The Bushbuck Trail was established by Southbroom Conservancy. Founded in 2003, the conservancy aims “to preserve in perpetuity our natural heritage of coastal forest, bush and grassland for the benefit of the creatures occurring there and for future generations of mankind.
Today the land comprising 14 hectares is managed by the conservancy. The walking trail follows a circular route along both sides of a stream which passes through the area. Magnificent indigenous flora exists in the area and abundant bird life. Blue Duiker, Grey Duiker and Bushbuck are sure to reward those who undertake the walk.

Barn Swallows
A very large flock of Barn Swallows[formally known as European Swallows]
have chosen to roost amongst the reeds at Umkobi Lagoon. In the summer months[October – April] about 45 min before sunset, millions of swallows can be seen flying above in the evening sky. The sight is nothing short of spectacular, even to those who are not regular bird watches.
Good vantage points are Umkobi Beach, the patio of the “Trattoria La Terrazza” and at Southbroom Travellers Lodge.

Riverbend Crocodile Farm
The Riverbend Crocodile Farm is one of  South broom’s more popular attractions.
View South Africa’s great reptiles close-up, witness awe-inspiring feeding frenzy every Sunday at 15h:00.
Snake House; Art and Curio shop; Crocodile Cafe.
Art and Wine Gallery, quality art and Estate Wines.

Trattoria La Terrazza ; Italian : set on the banks of the lagoon, Umkobi Beach.
The Albatross ; Mediterranean : Albatross Guest House.
Rip Tide ; Seafood : Southbroom beach.

Attractions around Southbroom
S’Khumba Crafts
For the best authentic handcrafted leatherwear finest quality footwear, jewellery, coffee and atmosphere.
The Waffle House
Cafe and Restaurant:
Enjoy light and crispy Belgian Style Waffles in tranquil surroundings on the edge of the Ramsgate Lagoon, very popular.
The Gaze Gallery:
Visit the adjoining Gallery to view works by renowned artists and potters.
Mac Bananas
Farm Fresh Produce
Farm fresh produce and preserves, local jams, nuts, treats and coffee.
Banana Café
Pancake houses
Banana Tours
Personalised 45min walking tour covering the A-Z of Bananas. Visit the biggest banana packing shed in KZN.
Crag’s View
Situated in Port Edward, the centre rehabilitates and releases back into the wild many animals that have sustained injuries and stress due to human influence as well as orphaned animals and birds.
Beaver Creek
Coffee Estate and Café
Experience the world of coffee! They offer visitors a daily ‘Crop to Cup’ Tour which outlines the character and skills that create the perfect cup, The Estate Café offers freshly roasted “Coffees of the World” to taste and buy.
Art wear
Situated in Port Edward, view their hand-painted and dyed range of clothing, linen, party décor and accessories at their studio. Each unique design is individually created by Gillian Le Roux and her team.
Pure Venom
The Biggest, most Unique Reptile Farm in Africa.
Viper, Family Restaurant
Creepy, Curio Shop

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